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  • The Creative Bug: newsletters, podcasts and combat boots

    So, I decided to turn my frustrations into creativity. I decided to document my time being a Librarian and Archivist in title, but off the record, I’ve been running libraries for five years due to negligence and being alone. I turned into a supervisor quick when you got no leadership and people refuse to train…

  • An Outsider becomes an HBUC affiliate

    So I work an HBUC and it’s an honor. I don’t know much about my own heritage and I’m Ashdod that factor. I wasn’t exposed to African American culture much and my friends was mostly drug and s*x addicts but I always wished I knew more about Black people as a Black and Indian woman.…

  • [Intern post] Proofreading: Making the Editing Process Engaging and Effective

    by Felicity Frisch As students finally finish their drafts for academic or personal projects, it can feel a bit exhausting to go back, look through it multiple times, and make the necessary changes (or find the mistakes in the firstplace). Alas, it is important for students and writers to understand that editing is one of…

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